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**Please NOTE**

We no longer offer in-person tours as we were finding that our furry guests were becoming too stressed out having strangers walk through the facility. In order to keep our guests comfortable and as stress-free as possible, we have provided a walk-through video at the top of our home page. Please call, text, or email us with any additional questions! Feel free to also stop by our lobby during business hours to have your questions answered in person!

-Snazzy Pet Team

Registration and Reservation

**Note: After hours drop off and /or pick ups will be subject to a $25-$50 surcharge.**  

A completed record of the following immunizations must be received prior to ANY SERVICES

(immunizations may be faxed or emailed, or texted):

for pooches



   kennel cough

for kitties



*Note:  We only administer injections on a case by case basis

              A 48 hour cancellation notice is required to avoid a charge.

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