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Immunizations MUST be received prior to training

(immunizations may be faxed or emailed. Alternatively, you may text a picture to 207-282-9636):


PRIVATE, ONE-ON-ONE In-Home or In-Facility training. Subject to Availability. Please call the facility for more info. 

(In home: $80 per hour for In home, $65 per hour In-Facility). 


Enrichment daycare training In-Facility 9 am-5 pm ($60 per day)

  • Enrichment Daycare FULL DAY

    (Wednesdays ONLY)

       (Max of 5 dogs): $60

  • Enrichment Daycare HALF DAYS:

    (T Mornings, TH Mornings)

      HALF DAY (Max of 5 dogs): $45

  • Small groups (NO TRAINING. Max of 7 dogs)

    Full Day: (M, T, TH, F): $45

    Half Days: (M, T Afternoons, TH Afternoons, F): $40

  • **PLEASE NOTE** If you are interested in a FULL day, but you want your pup to spend 1/2 of their time in training or small groups, the price would be $50.



If you are already enrolled in regular daycare Monday-Thursday and would like them to get in some training, you would pay $60 for the day and your pup would switch over to Kellie part way through the day, instead of the $25 per day for the regular daycare. HOWEVER, this is subject to availability. 


-Snazzy Pet Bed & Biscuit Crew

Meet our Trainer!

               Kellie Rosado

       CPDT, Pet CPR & First Aid Certified

Kellie lives on site with her husband, two adult kids (whom also work at Snazzy), and her three pups, Letti, Izzy, and Phoebe. Kellie started her training career with her best friend when they both lived up in Caribou, Maine. When she and her family made the choice to move down to southern Maine, we scooped her up and put her skills right to work. Kellie is a certified professional dog trainer in the state of Maine and continues her education through workshops and online courses to gain a better understanding of our canine companions. This is all in an effort to best help our clients and their pups have a better relationship at home and in society. 

Kellie & Pheebs.jpeg
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