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Immunizations MUST be received prior to training

(immunizations may be faxed or emailed. Alternatively, you may text a picture to 207-282-9636):

PRIVATE, ONE-ON-ONE In-Home or In-Facility training. Subject to Availability. Please call the facility for more info. 

(In home: $80 per hour for In home, $65 per hour In-Facility). 



Enrichment daycare training In-Facility 9 am-5 pm ($60 per day)

-$35 for the half day if not enrolled in regular daycare as well 

-$50 for the 1/2 day of regular daycare, and 1/2 day of training daycare



If you are already enrolled in regular daycare Monday-Thursday and would like them to get in some training, you would pay $50 for the day and your pup would switch over to Kellie part way through the day, instead of the $25 per day for the regular daycare. HOWEVER, this is subject to availability. 


-Snazzy Pet Bed & Biscuit Crew

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