Grooming Spa

Grooming Hours:

7 Days a week

Sunday-Tuesday: 9 am-5 pm

Wednesday-Saturday: 9 am-7 pm

*Masks Encouraged*

Current Offerings:

**Please Note:**

Pricing is based on Size of pet, Condition of Coat and Time required to complete groom. Prices below are starting prices and estimates ONLY for dogs that get groomed regularly (every 6-8 weeks or less).

We cannot give exact pricing until we have worked with your furkid.
Furkids that go more than 6-8 weeks between grooms may be 5%-15% higher than the estimated prices.

Full Service Grooming starts at $65.

Includes bath, blow-out, brush out, nail

clipping, and ear cleaning/plucking or

trimming AND haircut or trim. Please contact the salon to get an estimate for your pets pampering.


*Prices based on breed and size for a 2 hour appointments.

**$15 more per half hour past 2 hour time frame



De-matting or shaving due to excessive matting will be an additional $10 per 15 minutes

Hand stripping will be $20 more than typical pricing.

BATH ONLY: $35 and up. Please contact the salon for 

exact pricing.

MEDICATED BATHS: $20 added onto total due to the extra time and precautions necessary to successfully use the products.

Walk-In Add-Ons and Upgrades:

Nail Trim/Grinding/Dental Care/Ear Plucking Package $25

Nails Only $15

Paw rescue $5

Flea and tick baths $45 and up according to size

Anal Gland Expressing $20

Tick-repelling, or de-skunk treatment $45 and up according to size

Later than 15 minute arrival will result in a cancellation. After 2 cancellations, the groomer reserves the right not to book future appointments. 

**We reserve the right to refuse service to any dog with flea or tick over-infestation and they will be referred to a vet**

**We reserve the right to refuse dogs who are aggressive and/or showing potentially dangerous behaviors in order to keep our staff and other animals safe. Any such behaviors are subject to a special handling fee.**

If you have a double coated dog, or dog(s) that seasonally sheds, please brush them out prior to coming in for a bath. This will help get them cleaner when they are bathed and they will dry faster. 

We require proof of rabies and distemper vaccines, or an exemption letter from your vet. You may bring a paper copy with you that we can make a copy of or you can have them faxed directly to

207-571-4488 or emailed to You can also send pictures directly to 207-282-9636.

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