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**Late DAYCARE pickups/Drop offs are subject to a charge of $5 per 10 Minutes**

Prices STARTING January 1, 2023

Doggy Daycare: $30/ day

       $25 per additional dog

Small group daycare is offered to social dogs. Outdoor area is bright and sunny and protected from harsh weather.


  • Pooches must be at least 16 weeks old with all 3 sets of DHPP shots, and must be spayed or neutered.

  • They must also be friendly towards other dogs and people and not aggressive with food or toys.


  • Proof of Rabies, DHPP, and Kennel Cough vaccinations required.

1/2 Day Doggy Daycare: $25 per 4 hour day

      $20 per additional dog

Daycare Packages:

Buy 9 Days get 1 FREE: $270 for one pooch FULL DAY

Buy 9 Days get 1 FREE: $225 for one pooch HALF DAY

TWO pooches 10 FULL DAYS. (Each pup will get 4 days plus 1 free day each): $220

TWO pooches HALF DAYS. (Each pup will get 4 HALF days plus 1 free HALF day each): $180

Buy 18, get 2 free FULL DAYS

1 dog-$540

2 dogs-$495


We require proof of rabies, distemper, and kennel cough vaccines. An exemption letter will not be accepted for the safety of all animals in daycare. We ALSO require negative fecal sample results that are negative for worms and Giardia. You may bring a paper copy of the vaccines and fecal results with you that we can make a copy of, text a picture to 207-282-9636, have them faxed directly to 207-571-4488 or emailed to


Payments can be made directly to the facility by cash or check, or you can make a debit/credit card payment in the kennel or by calling 207-282-9636.

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