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Hello friends.😊 My name is Christina. I have a 12 year old short haired domestic kitty cat named Penny. Her and I met when a coworker and I adopted her from AWS a few years ago. She came to work with us and lived on our alz/dementia unit. She was such a pleasure for not only the staff, but the residents. Unfortunatly after about a year or so we could not keep her there as the new nurse in charge was allergic to cats. That's when I was asked if I could take her. From that point on she has been in my care and has found her forever home. ❤️ She may be a little on the older side but you would never guess. She is so playful and energetic. She loves cuddles, toys, tunnels, and sitting on moms chest and head while I am sleeping lol. I never knew I could love an animal so much until Penny came in to my life. She means the world to me and I to her. (even if her sassy attitude says otherwise) 😂


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