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Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Our whole family has always felt a deep connection to animals. Our daughter, Angie Morin has developed quite a reputation in animal communication. Angie has felt a deep connection to animals since she was a child and has spent her life working with animals and communicating with them. Angie has always been known to have a “special way” of connecting with animals. Animals of all types have always been drawn to her. From dogs and cats to horses, squirrels and other “non traditional” animals, they always seem to find Angie and attach to her. Animals relax and feel very comfortable around her. She has been a professional equestrian, rider, and trainer for years and continues to work at The Snazzy Pet and Biscuit part-time.

Years ago, Angie embarked on a more spiritual journey that allowed her to tap into a level of communication with animals. She has worked with many spiritual mentors to further strengthen and develop the skills she was born with.

Many of Angie’s clients simply want a reading to learn more about their animals wants, needs, and personality. A session with Angie is sure to help strengthen the relationship between you and your pet and help you resolved "miscommunication issues".

There’s so much to smile about when you’re a happy pet! Improve your relationship with your pet by scheduling a reading with Angie. Readings help work through problem behaviors, anxieties, undesirable habits, social problems, fear, aggression and other “nuisance” traits, therefore creating happier pets and humans! Those things you’re “tolerating” can be fixed. And usually pretty easily. Angie can help.


email: Angie@AngieMorin.com or call/text 207-590-2005

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