Music to calm your pet (and you)

Music therapy calms all creatures big and small. When it comes to snazzy pets, there are certain cords and tunes that work especially well to calm them, and who doesn't love a calm and relaxed pet? As a matter of fact, there are melodies to create certain moods and it appears they are quite popular. Based on reviews, we're listing the top contenders for each category:

"The Divinity of Dogs", music to calm dogs and the people who love with them, by George Skaroulis, available on Amazon

"Music for Pets" by Perry Wood, available on Amazon

"While You Are Gone": Music pets love, by Bradley Joseph, available on Amazon

"Through a Dog's Ear" - music to comfort your elderly, pet, by Joshua Leeds, available on Amazon

"Music Cats Love" - while you are gone, by Bradley Joseph, available on Amazon

Worth a try? We think so!

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