Let's walk, not pull

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Nothing is more frustrating for you and your snazzy pet than a walk gone wrong. Pets are naturally curious and the outside world is full of fascinating sights and smells. When out walking, many pet guardians agree that leash pulling is one of the biggest problems. Have you noticed that pulling back only create more unwanted behavior? When walking your pet turns into a scene from the WWF, it's time to reevaluate your approach. Fortunately, there's an easy solution.

Below are 4 easy steps to create a new and improved experience:

1. With your dog by your side, slowly begin to walk forward. Keep the leash short so that your pet remains close, preferably side by side or slightly ahead of you. Allow the leash to remain soft and U shaped.

2. Once your dog reaches the end of the leash and begins to pull, STOP walking.

3. When your pet stops pulling and leash softens, offer up some PRAISE and/or a TREAT and begin walking slowly again.

4. Keep repeating as many times necessary. Keep the first few sessions short and finish on a positive and successful note. Your pet will eventually figure out that pulling will prevent him/her from moving forward.

Persistence and patience will pay off. Dogs repeat behavior that is rewarding, much like people do. Remember the goal is years of happy, mutually enjoyable walking for both of you!

* This sweetie (Uta) is taking a relaxing morning walkabout during her stay at The SnAzZy PeT!

Walks are available during sleepovers!

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