Keeping your pets safe during the holidays

The holidays can bring lots of extra temptations for your snazzy pets. Here are a few quick tips to keep the safe and healthy during this holiday season:

1. Pet proof your tree by securing it safely and keeping decorations out of reach.

2. Don't let your pet(s) drink the water in the tree stand.

3. Kitties love tinsel but if swallowed, could cause a gastrointestinal obstruction.

4. Keep treats out of reach.

5. Keep wired lights and batteries away from pets.

7. Keep burning candles supervised and out of reach.

6. Pet gifts should be chew safe and made with non toxic ingredients.

7. Dispose of gift wrap immediately as the sound and appearance of wrap can be appealing

to pets.

8. Remember loud noises can frighten pets and damage their sensitive ears.

Let's make this a safe and happy season for all by taking a few extra measures for our 4 legged loves!

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