Keeping your Dog's Ears Healthy

Checking and cleaning your dog's ears weekly can help prevent painful ear infections and wax buildup. We'd like to share a couple of DYI ear cleaning solutions you can make with things in your home:

Peroxide Ear Cleaning Solution

1 tsp. 3% hydrogen peroxide

1 tsp. clean water

Tea Tree Oil Ear Cleaning Solution

1 drop of tea tree oil

1 tbsp of olive oil

Dip a gauze or cotton ball in the solution and wipe down the outer ear while inspecting for dirt, irritation or infection. Then place a few drop in the ear canal and massage the base of the ear for about a minute. Afterwards, let them shake it out to loosen any wax or dirt inside the ear. Wipe clean with another gauze or cotton ball.

Below are signs associated with an ear infection:






Head tipped


If any of these signs are observed, call your veterinarian to discuss treatment options. #HealthyEarsRHappyEars

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