Keep Your Dogs Teeth Healthy

Overall health is dependent on many things including optimal oral health. Dental care is as important to our pets as it is to us. Imagine not brushing our teeth, resulting in a mouth full of plaque, cavities and gum disease...ouch! We can complain but our furry friends can't. They will suffer in silence while their condition worsens. It's also important to remember that bad breath is not normal for dogs. Bad breath is a sign of early dental disease, which can lead to periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can cause serious health issues. Prevention is worth a pound of cure. Below are some easy preventative measures to keep oral disease at bay:

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

Our own dogs (Padgett, Cookie and Ivy) were so accustom to having their teeth brushed that they wouldn't even wake up if they were sleeping! It took a little consistently, beginning with short sessions and their favorite toothpaste flavor but after time, they were more than willing to participate.

It's important to use only pet recommended dental products and we've included the link below as a reference. We think this is the single most important thing you can do for dental health!

Dog Tooth Wipes

Dental wipes are great and it's what we use in our grooming spa. These wipes can remove a significant amount of soft tartar and are super easy to use. Just wrap a wipe around your finger and gently rub your dogs teeth in a circular motion and voila...cleaner teeth!

Check out the link below:

Treats and Chews

Dogs LOVE treats and chews and the right choices can make a BIG difference with those pearly whites. Here are some of our favorites:



Floss Tug Rope

Remember, anything you do will help. We love our pets and they depend on us to care for them. Be their dental care cheerleader! You can do it!


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