Check those paw pads

Our pets take tons of steps in a day but when dealing with winter weather, special precautions need to be considered. If your snazzy pet is furry, it's very likely that same fur is growing between the pads of their feet. Furry feet are prone to collecting snow, causing discomfort and possibly frostbite. We've seen snow gather like snowballs under some pets paws! A quick check after a walk can save your pet from developing "cold feet".

Summer brings other concerns, like sap from trees, tiny pebbles and miscellaneous debris finding their way between pads...ouch! If left unnoticed, those things can harden like cement, creating and an almost impossible task to remove.

A simple solution to both, is to trim the fur between the pads. Baby scissors with blunt tips can be used for extra safety, but regular scissors will do if you are careful. In addition, your pet might benefit from a professional head to toe groom.

As the saying goes, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Check those feet on a regular basis and your happy pet will thank you.

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